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Today's Right Brain Drawing Workshop

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

At today's Drawing Workshop our table was full. It's interesting how each artist processes the right-brain exercises and appropriates them for themselves. The above artist was struggling at first, and then, something kicked into gear and she started to see what she was drawing. That texture on the top is really quite remarkable.

Below, another example of why complicated subject matter improves drawing skills. If you look at all of those diagonal slits on the side of the shoe, you can see that they are mostly parallel to each other. Makes it easy to draw.

Having complicated piece of footwear is helpful. It seems counter-intuitive, but having multiple lines to build your boot or shoe off of works. Below is an example of the learning that happens when just drawing your footwear. Texture, figuring out the zipper.... etc.

Another example of drawing your own footwear below.

.... etc.

The last project of each drawing workshop is to draw from a reference photo which I supply. There is a wide variety of images, all done by excellent photographers who have allowed us to use their images for reference. It's always interesting to see what our artists choose.

And, it's interesting to see personal styles emerge.

Owls are always a favourite. Getting the reflection in the eye correct goes a long way to bringing life to the subject.

Next Right Brain drawing workshop - Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019. Call Darlene at The Painted Tree art store in beautiful downtown Cobourg at 905-372-1313.

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