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The Big View

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

So, there you have it! All of the 5"X7" slices of the painting have been turned into the tops of greeting cards. I will now decide what to do with the backs of the cards. They are cut from 140 lb. watercolour paper, so the sky is the limit for creativity.

Below are the last three cards, finished this rainy cool May 10. I always do the most difficult ones first, leaving the really fun ones for last. This is an older figure drawn by Frances who was probably just 5 when she painted it for me. I thought there was quite the jungle of grasses behind this young lady... a good place to be wild.

Words of wisdom from Frances' heart-covered girl.

Last but not least! Those forget-me-nots needed a head under them. And, wouldn't this character be saying, "Hello, sun in my face."?

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