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What I Love About Painting Realistically

I love the look of loosely painted watercolours.

Sometimes, I am tempted to paint in that manner. But, then I start a painting and I fall in love with the process of understanding and trying to replicate the beauty of nature. In all of its glorious detail. Nothing left to the imagination.

I love the fun of looking for colours and pushing them a bit. If you look at this small segment, there is a wonderful green rimming the middle leaf. There is a turquoise on the stem that bisects the painting. I love to find colours and 'push' them a bit.

I love figuring out how to make things look really three-dimensional. Making blacks out of French Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna in varying ratios helps this leaf to look like it's coming out of the page. And, I absolutely LOVE making lost in 'where is the bottom edge of the apple?' The shadow works its way up the apple so you really don't see the exact edge.

Today, Sunday...... has been the perfect day to spend time again understanding and painting the details of these apples. It has been an exercise in being in awe of the beauty of nature, even as it deteriorates. I think I need time to process what I see. It's like sitting with a grandchild in my lap for a really long time. I may never have this time again.

I love it.

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