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I think I have a thing for green, yellow and red. Those colours dominate my paintings. I've learned a thing or two about reds over the years. You can't live without them! In my pallet are Cadmium Red and Cad. Red Deep, Winsor Red Deep, Alizarin Crimson (couldn't live without that one). Over on the other side are the bling reds... the special ones that have wonderful glazing capabilities: Quinacridone Red and Opera Rose.

Most of them were used on this apple. The brownish glazes near the top are straight Burnt Sienna and that hint of yellow is Quinacridone Gold. It looks a bit weird close up, but it's not done yet. I will soften the edges later on. That will help the apple fit into the surroundings.

Below is a close up of some of the decaying leaves. I was pushing the reds a bit. I love colour.

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