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Early Morning Walk Through the Garden....

...... and the process of choosing my next photo reference.

It's been a cold, backwards spring this year. My heart breaks for our farmers who are still trying to plant their crops mid-June.

I had no intention of finding my next painting in the garden this morning. But, it happened nonetheless.

It started out with these strawberry blossoms and their beauty.

I am looking forward to a few strawberries from our own garden. Last year's strawberry plants didn't survive the winter. And right on the heels of that thought, I spied these white Bleeding Hearts. Around 10 years ago, I gave my only white bleeding heart plant to a dear friend because I thought it would thrive in her garden. It wasn't doing well in mine.

Amazingly, seeds from that plant survived 10? years and germinated this year! Made me think about the resiliency of the natural world.

This Iris with its beautiful water droplets was my next photo. Irises' blossoms are short-lived. I need to pay attention or they will be gone.

In my perennial garden, this is a short season of calm. The riotous reds, yellows and oranges of tulip season is done. The bold reds and yellows of Peonies, Monarda and Lily and Rudbeckia is still coming. This time is a breather in between the two.

I'm paying attention to the bounty of nature that is still here in this time and space. Life is short.....for spring flowers.... and possibly for the planet.

I had the urge to cut the heads off of the flowers. It led to this image. It's somewhat disturbing, I know. It's such a waste. But, every day you and I waste the natural goodness of our planet.

If you look closely at the image below, you will see the time.

It's time.

My next painting, I think.

Then again, this might be better.

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