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It's Time

September 26/2019

Fall is here. Work in the garden is winding down. We had good success with a new vegetable, Guatemalan Blue Squash. And, not so much for the watermelons! And, the Verbena Bonariensis actually bloomed! I love the laciness of this flower!

The rain this morning encouraged me to leave the garden work and start on a new painting. And, I am still on the theme of gardens with this one.

In the past two years we have left the milkweeds in our perennial flower garden. I really had never paid attention to their beauty. For those of you who like to follow the process, here is the beginning sketch. This sketch is being copied from a black and white photo which I took this spring. I find it easier to use a black and white photo as reference for drawing. No need to be bogged down by colour at this stage.

Just a reminder that on Saturday, October 19th I will be teaching another right brain drawing workshop at The Painted Tree in downtown Cobourg. There is still room for you!

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