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Wet on Wet - I did it!

Painting in detail is a joyful thing for me. Wet on wet...... not so much. I did most of what I tell my students to do: mix a sufficient amount of all of the colours you plan to use, make sure the rest of my colours have been sprayed and softened so I can easily access them if needed, monitor the blank paper to keep it continuously wet. I didn't use a large brush - probably should have because the picture is around 20"X20".

The above image was taken under poor light. The next one is more accurate. This morning, my task was to rub off the masking fluid. Note to self: try another brand. I've never had to rub off (and you can buy a rubber mask remover) as much hardened masking in my life. Good news! My fingers still have their skin on. So, now you can see what taking the time to mask areas to preserve can do for you. Now, I will be able to do what I love best..... paint the details of these milkweeds. Yay!!!!

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