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At some point in yesterday's drawing workshop, the conversation turned to spending time with your artwork. One artist commented that it felt so good to just draw for a long time. Made me think that I want to get back to this painting!

One of the reasons why I love painting very detailed paintings is that it takes a lonnnnnngggg time. I love the peacefulness of the process and more than that, I love listening to podcasts that challenge my thinking at the same time.

I think I'm going to listen to this one again. Tell Christy I Love Her. The podcast is my absolute favourite series, Ear Hustle. It is close to my heart. It's about prisoners in San Quentin prison in California and many things talked about are what I see when spending time with my artist friends at Brookside Youth Centre, here in Cobourg. This particular episode is all about redemption. Redemption is the beating heart of our art program at Brookside.

Treat yourself to a soul-filling experience and listen to it!!!

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