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Being Yourself

There are some really nice paintings pouring out of our Monday artists' hands.

The artist below is painting all of her grandkids. You'll see the finished painting nearer to the end of this page.

The boat below has a very fine pinstripe running along its entire length. Using masking tape, and bending it to follow the curve was the easiest way to get a nice smooth line.

Some paints "lift out" well and some have a staining quality that does not allow them to lift out. If you look at the bottom left of this painting, you can see where this artist lifted out patches where she was going to place her purple flowers. You'll be impressed with the end result later on in this post.

And, there we are.... safe inside, painting our hearts out while a winter storm blows outside the window.

This artist is new to watercolours, her only prior experience being a one day workshop with me last year. She stands by for any open spot on Mondays and today was her lucky day - and our lucky day too. It felt like the painting was flowing out of her fingers.

From grandchild (top image) to daughter. Same artist.

We have a nice rendition of a fox unfolding.

And here are our finished purple flowers. I could look at this painting all day.

A bit more progress on our newest artist's forest. I am sorry that I didn't get a picture of the finished painting. Word around the table was,  "I want to be like her." She is a natural at the loose painting style.

And, grandchild #3 finished! Good job. He looks like a little businessman.

I love how each of these artists own styles have emerged, and are emerging. It was a privilege to witness that today.

“To be yourself

in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else

is the greatest accomplishment.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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