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Classes Have Begun!

Monday afternoon classes started today. It's so nice to spend time again with fellow artists. A new lady from Scarborough wanted to paint from real life - as opposed to using a photo reference. I handed her some scissors and she went out in the drizzle to find flowers in the garden. First one: a multi-coloured dahlia. The pen she used for her sketch was not waterproof. I love how when she painted the yellows, she picked up the pen's colours and they all flowed together. She has a wonderful painterly style.

Below is a seaside scene. This artist is disciplined enough to start with very light colours and then layer in washes of darker colours where needed. The shiny parts near the bottom of the painting are dried masking fluid. She will paint over them. When she has all of the layers in this section done and they are dry, she will rub off the masking fluid and the white paper below will show.

Eggs. In a basket. On the grass. Sometimes as artists, we have second thoughts part way into a painting. This artist has already painted two intricate egg pictures. This time, she is upping her game to include grass! Be still my heart. She thinks I'll know a thing or two about painting blades of grass and maybe I'll help her.

Today, she was wondering why she chose that subject. Again.

When you don't have time to go to the art store and the dollar store is nearby, you buy a canvas at the Dollar Store. Normally, watercolours are not used on canvas. This artist is experimenting with watercolour pencils. I am surprised at how well the canvas accepted the pencils. I think it will look good when it's finished.

When you get the right amount of water on your paper, and your paint has the right amount of pigment in it, and you sprinkle a little salt around...... AND you are very, very patient..... you get this! It's never easy. This artist is using Arches 140 lb paper - a very good paper for this technique.

I am looking forward to Wednesday evening's class.

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