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Collage - New Canadian Centre

Hello New Canadians! I am so happy to have the chance to make some art with you via Zoom on Thursday, June 4 from 1:30 to 2:30.

Collaging is an art form where you cut pictures or words or shapes from magazines, books, cards, photographs, etc. and you glue them on a sturdy base to form a new picture. Collaging is a very forgiving art form. You can cut out your pictures and arrange them on the paper before you glue them.

Here are some collages I have made in the past. This was a children's book which I completely covered in collage. Every page was covered. It took around 12 hours to complete.

Below is a collage where the words were collaged, sometimes one letter at a time, to a painting. This is a poem that my daughter wrote.

You can collage on many surfaces. Below is a collage done on a cardboard box that is in the shape of a star. I've always wanted to collage on a Tetley Tea container. Anything that is cardboard can be easily collaged on.

Below is a collage I made last New Year's Eve. I cut pictures out of two books. One book was about Vincent Van Gogh and the other was about Leonardo da Vinci. I glued the following quote to give the collage more meaning:

"In the deep black night of despair and anxiety, it only takes a pinhole of light for all of grace to come in." Auburn Sandstrom

Please have the following supplies ready to use before the class.

* Magazines, books, cards, photographs

* glue stick or white glue

* scissors

* cardboard base to glue your collage on

If you want more inspiration go to Pinterest and search for collage ideas.

Looking forward to collaging with you!

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