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Covid-19 Milestone

Because of Coronavirus, our daughter's family had to return to Canada to start the next chapter of their lives in new jobs. They've been living with us since mid-November. That includes a six year old and a 9 year old. Grandma (me) participates in daily homeschooling and gets roped into "Grandma, can you fly this airplane so I can video it?" projects. It's been wonderful watching them experience winter, letting snowflakes flutter into their mouths, sliding on the ice and introducing them to our local conservation areas. Some of my personal projects have had to take a back seat for now.

Today, I took some time to finish a fairly mindless part of this painting: getting some colour and tone on the grass. I will try and get more done in the coming weeks. At least, you now can see where this painting is heading. Wish me luck.

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