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Creativity Exercise #6

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Well folks, it's time for a different type of challenge. I learned this one when taking a sketchbook course with local artist, Simon Jensen. This one will encourage you to think about words and how to use what those words mean to you in a drawing.

My fridge looks like this.

For this exercise, I closed my eyes and lifted off 5 words, making sure I got some from each column. Drum roll! Here they are:

Your challenge today, is to choose at least 3 of these words and draw a picture that depicts those three words.

Maybe you will choose:

* Morning Boxes Better? ....... hmmmmm.... Him burn better boxes? .....hhhhhhmmmmm.... Better morning, boxes burning! Or......Better morning boxes burning? (as opposed to the evening boxes you burn, haha) (punctuation sure changes things, doesn't it?)

You get the message, I'm sure.

This exercise gets you thinking about your creation in a new way that you may not have thought about before.

Looking forward to what your brain comes up with!

Have fun!

BONUS!!!! If you wish to write a poem with these words as the theme, go for it. Try and use these words often in your poem.

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