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Final Monday Class

If you've been wondering how our artist have been getting along, here's a little art show just for you. I am so happy with this new-to-watercolours artist's work. In the final class she was able to pull the whole piece together, paying attentions to shadows here and there. This was done mostly with watercolour pencils which, in my opinion, are difficult to work with.

The artist below finished her chalk-pastel bird painting at home. Not bad at all for a first attempt with this medium.

I love it when my students take hold of what they've learned in class and run with it on their own. It's like when your kids start to take responsibility for themselves. Very fulfilling to me as a teacher. So, our bird artist above, started a painting of her grandchild at home. Looks to me like the character of the little guy is coming out nicely in her painting.

If you remember this flower painting from my last update, it had no background. At first, this artist was going to paint a leafy background. Often in our classes, everyone weighs in with decision-making. We came up with the idea of a dramatic blackish background. The artist bought Winsor & Newton's Payne's Grey paint and started glazing it on the paper. At this point she has painted three layers, maybe four. It's looking fairly solid. The lightness that you see on the edges of the flower is a layer of masking fluid to protect the orange edges. It will look amazing when finished.

Our egg painter. Today, she was wondering out loud whatever possessed her to want to paint all those kernels of corn around the bowl. When she's finished painting them, she will cover them with masking fluid and then paint a loose, earthy background over and around them. Isn't that bowl wonderful?

And, finally our painter of Mennonite children. Her little boy is peeking out from under her reference photo. Look at how she's accomplished the look of the leather? vinyl? covering on the wagon. Paying close attention to light and shade is her strong suit.

As I write this update, I am listening to one of our artist's daughter's podcast. She and a few other very talented artists are making the world a better place. If you want a treat from the other side of the globe, start with "Home".

It has been such a pleasure working with these artists.

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