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Learning to See

Of the four people in today's Beginners' Drawing Class, only one had any art training and it was very little and many years ago. Bottom line: everyone was pretty well a newbie.

After spending a couple of hours doing exercises that help you to see things like lines in relation to each other, highlights and shadows, texture, contours, our four newbies were challenged to draw their own footwear.

Please appreciate the time it took to figure out those laces.

Everyone's brain interprets the exercises differently, so it follows that different drawing styles emerge. The artist below did a fine job of making her boot look three dimensional.

Our only gentleman had a simple pair of shoes. Simple shapes are not easy. There are fewer lines of reference to connect to. I should have taken this picture from a different angle. He did a good job.

And, then there is that gentle spirit in the class whose art only hints at what she is portraying. Just lovely.

In the afternoon, quality reference photos were chosen from. Lots of learning happened.....

.... like if you see that something is off, just turn both your reference photo and your drawing upside down and the spacial part of your brain will immediately see what the problem is.

I think it's safe to say that all four newbies took a leap towards being able to draw well today. They have learned to see.

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