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Monday Class - Good to Be Back

There was a lot of excitement around the art tables yesterday when our Monday afternoon artists arrived. It felt like a homecoming.

Many of the artists came with their next project already sketched. Complication is this artist's middle name. She loves complex pictures.

The lovely artist below has an affection for the East Coast of Canada where she comes from. This landscape is going to be lovely.

Chalk pastels. The perfect medium for this painting. There will be many challenges: hairy ropes, shiny horse's face, the look of leather.... It's a painting full of challenges and we will have the privilege of watching this artist rise and meet all of them.

The artist below painted an absorbent ground on a canvas that would normally be used to paint with oils or acrylics. That ground allows watercolours to be used and to act like only watercolours can do. I love the shadow at the bottom right. Makes my heart sing.

And, then there's Grandma. Her grandson is tired of the teddy bears? that she painted for him when he was young. Now that he is 7, he needs adult artwork for his bedroom. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

It was so good to be in the presence of these delightful ladies again.

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