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Mondays Class - Process + Progress

In both of my classes, artists bring along their own inspiration. They usually choose subjects that they have a personal connection to: photos from holidays, subjects they like - like eggs in bowls and baskets, or soething they find to be beautiful. We'll take a tour around the table to see what they are up to.

The artist below LOVES detail. She is going to tackle painting the grass behind the basket next. The basket is done. Time to pay attention to what is between the basket wires. Each one is a little picture.

I feel like I am in sunny Greece where the reference photo was taken. Bright light and dramatic shadows.

I have a photo of the painting below finished, but this almost-finished one is interesting too. This artist left the figure to the end. Right now it looks ghost-like. The sandy area at the bottom right was achieved by sprinkling some salt on the wet paint. This artist has a painting style that makes me feel like I am there.

We are in the process of redeeming this painting. The artist painted it sometime earlier and was not happy with it. Some lifting out of wrong colours and repainting helped. Some tidying up of feathers helped too. Cardinals are so smooth. It will be nice when it's done.

Getting blacks dark enough takes time when you are painting with watercolours. Many glazes are needed. This is starting to look really nice. And, it takes a lot of faith and trust to paint shadows on faces black.

I love it when my students use chalk-pastels. They are such a fun medium to work with. Doesn't it look like this man is emerging from the paper?

“It is good to love many things,

for therein lies the true strength,

and whosoever loves much performs much,

and can accomplish much,

and what is done in love is well done.”

Vincent Van Gogh

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