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Portrait Workshop - Third Instalment

For three hours this morning, three artists worked on their portrait drawing skills. It was drizzling a bit outside, so we moved into our garage, tried to keep our distances and made art. Oh.... the evidence is below... and ate cookies.

This artist is really starting to see her subject matter. It is often a struggle to switch to the spacial part of the brain vs the logical part from which we've drawn our whole lives. When the switch is made, life will never be the same. Drawing will be easy.

Below is what a little over two hours of hard work resulted in. She looks like she is ready to speak

The artist below did a great sketch of this little guy. She payed attention to the fact that we all have large foreheads and got a really good likeness.

I challenged her to start looking at the tones of his skin and she did a fine job of getting some interesting texture in his hair and on the skin of his forehead. Had we had another half hour or so, he would be completely shaded. I really do like how she captured the character of this little guy.

The final artist chose a reference photo that was a little more complicated. Glasses. Sometimes, that is a good thing. I find that there are more points of reference to compare the lines you make in a complicated image. It worked for her!

She did a great job of making the frames look like plastic by paying attention to the highlights and dark areas.

Many thanks to B.D. Colen for some of the reference photos that we used today.

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