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The Great Reveal

Carefully pulling off the masking tape is always fun to see. The painting takes on a whole new look. The artist below experimented using gold leaf. Pretty easy to spot: the shiny gold stuff.

This artist is very new to watercolours. She has worked in acrylics and it shows. She is able to apply her acrylic techniques to painting in watercolours and has come up with some great pieces.

The chalk-pastel painting below is coming along nicely. It is a very difficult image to paint. Today was our last class until late September. All of the artists around the table will be coming back.

Sometimes, you just need to see what the painting you've been working on for months is going to look like in the end. A tiny peel-back of the masking tape might be in order so you can persevere to the finish.

One of our artists was on vacation today. I have a list of people who are happy to join us on short notice. This artist is on that list. It was good to welcome her and her talent back to the table.

It's been a pleasure spending time with these artists this spring. I am looking forward to what they will accomplish in the fall.

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