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Watercolour Workshop

Our Saturday, October 16 Watercolour Workshop is almost full. I am excited to be teaching this workshop in a new way (to me). Previously, students brought in their own watercolour paints, or purchased relatively inexpensive sets of paints. We would get mixed results, mainly because they weren't using quality paints.

I want my beginning watercolour students to experience what good quality paints can do for them. So, I've made sample pallets of my favourite Winsor & Newton Professional colours for them.

  • French Ultramarine

  • Burnt Sienna

  • Hookers Green

  • Alizarin Crimson

  • Cadmium Yellow

  • Yellow Ochre

  • Cerulean Blue

  • Opera Rose - because everyone needs a little pizzaz in their pallet

Workshops can be intimidating. Trying something completely new should be more fun than work. I've labelled the colours.

Alizarin Crimson - my favourite red.

The paint will dry hard between now and the 16th. And, the beauty of quality watercolours... 10 years from now that paint will be as good as it was today.

If and when these artists choose to continue with watercolours, they will be able to build up their paint inventory already knowing how these 8 colours work. If they don't go ahead with watercolours, they will not have wasted a lot of $ on paints they will never use.

Locally, Winsor & Newton Professional watercolour paints are available at The Painted Tree art store in beautiful downtown Cobourg.

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