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Weeds Are Flowers Too

In late spring this year, I wandered around our gardens, snipping off little flowers here and there and putting them into a white bowl. Some of these flowers are what most people would consider acceptable garden flowers: Bleeding Hearts, Forget-Me-Nots. Others, are what many would call weeds: dandelions, and that lacy white number at the bottom whose name I do not know. I took some photographs to use as reference. Just as they landed, no positioning.

We've been slowly "re-wilding" our property. We don't have the guts to change everything to a natural state in one shot, so we've taken small steps that we can get accustomed to and to which our neighbours can become accustomed.

One example is that we stopped mowing about 15' along the back of our lawn and next to the forest. It's interesting how quickly animals find the newly rewilded area. Last week a flock of 50 wild turkeys made their way from front to back. When they came across this 15' stretch, that is where they stopped..... and ate..... and stayed. For an hour or so, that strip was their restaurant.

This watercolour is approximately 20" X 20" (51.5 X 51.5 cm) and was painted using Winsor & Newton Professional watercolour paints plus some Daniel Smith Duochrome Cabo Blue and Iridescent Electric Blue paints on the little forget-me-not flowers. They have a nice glimmer to them.

The paper is Arches 300 lb.

Weeds Are Flowers Too Unframed the painting is $1,400.00 (Canadian $)

“Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.”

A.A. Milne

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