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Winter Art Project

Last summer, we were given the opportunity to pick Saskatoon berries on a friend's country property. There were maybe 10? large Saskatoon bushes, so large that we needed to use step ladders to pick the berries. We picked a couple of baskets full and then took them home to clean and freeze. When I was finished sorting the good berries out, I glanced into the compost pail and gasped. Whoah! That needs to be painted!!! Aren't those colours beautiful? And the reflections!!!

Beauty in compost.

I love the cooler seasons when I can take the time to indulge in making art, teaching art and knitting. Garden season is over and it's time to take life easier.

Much of the sketching has been done. There are still a number of darker berries here and there that I will catch when painting. No need to draw them all now.

The colours are ho-hum right now. I'll be glazing over them a time or two to deepen their colour.

“In the depth of winter,

I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

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