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Yellows and Cleanness of Paint

I really like clean, bright looking colours for my paintings. If you look at my paint pallet above, you will see that I cleaned it off! My students will be falling off their chairs now. Usually, I tell them that the mixed paints on their pallets are a treasure trove of already mixed colours. Why mix one again when you already have it?

This morning, I had a horrible greyish mess in the middle of my pallet. I could not see anywhere to put it on this very colourful picture. So, it got wiped off.

Yellows. Started yesterday with a light wash of cadmium yellow and some cadmium red/burnt Sienna to darken the shadowy areas. This morning, it didn't look bright enough, so I glazed the petals with a wash of New Gamboge, just a little more French-looking yellow and it seems to have brightened them up nicely. The stamens are a mixture of cadmium yellow and lemon yellow, very little, lots of water on dry paper. Hopefully, those yellow streaks on the lily's petals will recede even more when I dry brush the red next to them. We'll see!

I think I'll go around the painting, working on the yellows. A good exercise in understanding them.

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