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Let the Fun Begin

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

I had to grid and take measurements here and there to get even close to what Charlie looks like. I'm fairly happy with how she looks.... maybe 80%. I'll set it on the easel and look at it for a day or two, catch it by surprise, and figure out how I can make it look closer to her. It's amazing how off you can be when you draw, even with a bit of a grid. Her eyes were about 5 degrees off when I started, hence the diagonal line. They really do line up!

I am going to worry about the background design after I paint what I've drawn. I think the painting will have something to say about what to do and I'll wait for that.

It was so much fun replicating Charlie's artwork. At 4 ¾, she has a flamboyant style that I hope will never leave her.

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