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Let the Workshops Begin!

Sometimes, a workshop with only two attendees is a lovely thing. Today, that was the case.

It's a day when this....

.... turned into this.

And, where this....

.... turned into this.

And, if that wasn't enough drawing for the day, each of the ladies created another drawing. The image below is not an easy one. You need to "think backwards" and leave the paper as your white. For someone who insisted that she could only draw stick men, I was very impressed. Look how she figured out the velvety texture of the head.

The other artist, who also insisted that she could not draw, chose an equally complicated reference photo. She is well on her way to finishing a lovely kitten portrait. Look at the shine in those eyes!

The next workshop is a Beginners' Watercolour Workshop on Saturday, October 16.

Let the fun continue!

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