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Upcoming Beginners' Watercolour Workshop

On Saturday, January 21/2023 I will be teaching my Beginners' Watercolour Workshop. I've designed this workshop to give learners a taste of working with watercolours without the expense of buying a lot of supplies. You never know if you will like working with them, so why buy something you may never use again? You will be given 8 samples of Winsor & Newton Professional paints, a high quality paint that many artists use. I'll provide artist grade Arches 140 lb. watercolour paper for you to work on. You will use my brushes. And, then when you find out how much fun watercolours are, you'll be more informed about what to purchase for your own collection.

I will walk you through simple exercises that help you to understand how to use watercolours. Techniques like wet on wet, wet on dry, dry brush, lifting out.

Towards the end of the workshop, you will be figuring out your own painting, in your own style.

Everything you need to know about the workshop is here.

Looking forward to making art with you!

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