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Exciting News!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The Capitol Theatre in Port Hope, ON asked me to show my art during their "Guys and Dolls" show - May 21 to June 16/19. The theme of my art show will be, "Let the Beauty of What You Love be What You Do." (Rumi) You will see where my artistic inspiration has come from in the past 17 years, beginning with paintings of some of the lovely Port Hope homes, to Northumberland Forest scenes, to pictures inspired by what I've grown in my garden.

I have a habit of cutting up paintings that I no longer want to look at, so my collection is quite lean and mean. The latest painting to be cut up into 5"X7" rectangles is this one. I will turn those rectangles into greeting cards. Some of my grandchildren will collaborate with me, drawing characters which I will duplicate and incorporate into the card.

Below are the first 5 of those cards.

First, a collaboration with Charlie, age 5.

Again, with Charlie, age 5.

The one below is in collaboration with Frances, age 6.

Again, Charlie, age 5.

And, for the one below, Nora age 3 ½ sketched this sketchy person for me. It looks like she's become aware that people have teeth and they need to be drawn.

The cards will be offered for sale at the show and all proceeds will be sent over to my favourite community group, the Green Wood Coalition in Port Hope.

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