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New Lives for Old Painting

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

"Tundra" was my first hyper-realistic painting. Today, it was cut up into 9 pieces and combined with art from two of our grand-daughters. Charlie, age 5 and Nora, age 4 contributed their sketches. I copied, painted and collaged them to the 5"X7" rectangles and 9 art cards resulted. The fun of finding quotes to bring the images together far outweighs the "what am I doing?" of cutting up the painting.

I've been invited to show art at the Northumberland Gallery and Shop in Port Hope next summer and also been invited to join my sister, artist Arlene Saunders, as a guest for the Autumn Leaves Studio tour in Grey County this fall. These will be available at both venues.

Scroll down to see what the painting became.

Oh, and... I asked Charlie, age 5, to draw a person who likes nature. Her response was this "bunny" on roller skates.

So, the image on the back of each card is from Nora, age 4. She drew this for me for Christmas! It's framed and in the living room. I believe it is a self-portrait. I know this because Nora has very long blonde hair and also that she sustained a 'haircut', illustrated by the three lines coming down on her forehead.

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