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More Collaborative Cards

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

As with any other people, our grandkid's artistic styles change with time and from outside influences. Frances (6) has been taking an after school cartooning class this year at school. I believe this character is a robot. I duplicated her image for this card. It seemed like it needed more than one.

I've been trying to have the grandkids' images interact with each segment of the painting. Sometimes I position the cut-out character with various cards in order to find a design that looks like it might work. It needs to tell a story. For the card below, I wanted the character to interact with the yellow flower. It looks like a flamboyant flower hat to me.

The segment below has a lot of flowers. It looks like an oversize garden to me. I think it works well with the quote.

This character above and below was created by 4 year old Charlie.

The seed heads on the grasses could be mistaken for mosquitoes, I think.

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