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Collaborative Sketchbook Update

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

This collaborative sketchbook started in Ontario where I painted pictures, wrote quotes, added collages, etc. on half of the pages. Then I mailed it to Melbourne, Australia (which took 3 months to arrive). My artist daughter painted pictures, wrote quotes, added collages, etc. on the remaining blank pages and added to my drawings as she felt compelled to... completing what I started. Above is an example. I painted the crystal candlestick with a rudbeckia balancing on it. I wanted to challenge her. Lindsey rose to the challenge, adding the balancing bird on the left and sniffing bird on the right. Now, I may just come up with a quote to tie everything together. So much fun!

Above is another example. I painted the levitating iris. Lindsey added the rest. I can't wait to find some words to finish this.

It only took 6 weeks to travel from Australia to Canada. You can imagine my surprise to receive this package in the mail. I had no idea it was coming!!! Fun days ahead!!!

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