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Collaboration ... Again

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

When I teach watercolour techniques, I always use good quality watercolour paper, usually Arches. One of my test sheets was full of marks, and I noticed that it looked kind of cool. I cut it into 5"X7" rectangles and made the following collaborative cards out of them.

The character on the card was drawn by artist grand-daughter, Frances.

Quite a few techniques being demonstrated here including multi-media with chalk-pastel over watercolour, splattering, making black, making greens. It looked chaotic to me, and the quote works well.

There is such a small window of time when young artists draw with exuberance. Look at this eyes! Spirals! Spiral eyes, molten gold eyes... beautiful!

The testing of Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Turquoise Light and probably some other blue like Antwerp Blue on the left made me think of a storm. And, the testing of the lovely Quinacridone Gold at the top looks somewhat like a sun. The sun after the storm. Bits of chaos after the storm all around her.

I hope to be making more of these cards in anticipation of being a guest artist with my sister, Arlene Saunders for the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour in the fall.

Let the creativity begin!!!

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