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Right Brain Drawing Workshop

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

It's always a thrill to help folks discover and improve their drawing skills. Today's workshop at The Painted Tree, art store in Cobourg, did not disappoint. At each workshop, students go through a series of lessons and activities that help them to start to really see what they are drawing. When they can really see, it's no problem for them to draw. One of the activities we do is to sketch our own footwear. In this activity, students spend much more time looking at their subject matter than at their page. It takes time to understand what you are drawing!

We don't often allow 11 year olds in our workshops, but made an exception for this talented and hard working young lady. Sadly, I have only an early picture of her work below. She did a fine job of understanding the complexity of the textures in this image and figured out how to render them. She ended up with a really nice owl drawing. I love how young people are not afraid of making really dark colours. Somehow we lose that as we age.

Artists get to choose from quality photographs to use as reference for their final sketches. Below you can see some of the fine work done this afternoon nearer to the end of the workshop. I am always amazed at how much they get done in a day!

We encourage anyone who has taken a previous drawing workshop to come back. No need to do all of the preliminary lessons..... just continue on where you left off. Below is a bunny who recently visited this artist. Being a photographer, she took his picture and now he has a hand drawn portrait of himself! Aren't those eyes amazing??!!!

And, finally an artist who has returned more than once. Art can get messy at times! This artist has a clear understanding of tonal differences. Her portrait looks three dimensional. It's all about tone!

Upcoming drawing workshops: Saturday, June 9 and a special one for teens on Saturday, July 21 at The Painted Tree art store in beautiful downtown Cobourg, ON. Call the store at 905-372-1313 to register! Looking forward to spending time with you drawing.

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