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It's Snowing! Let's Draw!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Adults are interesting learners. Often we have high expectations of ourselves. We have difficulty putting ourselves in a vulnerable situation. I was so impressed by the 6 adults around the table at The Painted Tree art store today. They approached learning to draw almost like a child would... just go for it... and it worked! Maybe it was because we had 4 men in the class today!

Learning began with a series of exercises that helped them to really see what they were looking at. The final exercise was one where they drew a few images upside down! Everything that was learned in the previous exercises kicked in and they were well on their way to drawing realistically.... for the rest of their lives. Like riding a bicycle.

One of our artists had not drawn since kindergarten. He expressed concern about drawing. His first drawing in 60 years is below. He was thrilled with what came out of his pencil today.

I am missing some of the final pictures, but below are three of them. Artists were introduced to fun tools like tortillons.... rolled up paper that does a great job of smudging.

The best line of the day happened after one artist used a tortillon for the first time:    "It's like cognac after beer."

Next Right Brain Drawing Workshop: Saturday, September 26/20

Call Darlene at The Painted Tree to register. 905-372-1313

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