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Be Still My Heart

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

On Monday evenings at The Painted Tree art store, we have a fantastic bunch of artists around the table this session. Some are just beginning their adventures in watercolour, like the three artists in this slide show. I always find it so interesting to see the various styles emerge.

Below we've got the Queen of Detail's work. Always impressive when finished.

And, to round out the beauty of the class, we have four chalk-pastel artists! These stones seem to be emerging from the paper.

Nothing like getting your shadows dark enough.

The artist below has only done a few pastel paintings. She used both pan pastels and chalk pastel pencils on this one. She used a photo as reference. It always thrills me when our artists begin to figure out their own style of rendering an image.

The artist below recently traveled to Alaska and is using her own reference photo for this stunning scene. This is her first chalk-pastel landscape ever. I feel like I am there when I look at it.

Some of our artist have been with me for a number of years. Often they purchase or commission a painting from someone else in the class. Below is one being commissioned for the lady across the table from this artist. No pressure there!!!

There are two spots left in Saturday, Jan. 18th Right Brain Drawing workshop at The Painted Tree art store in beautiful downtown Cobourg! Looking forward to drawing with YOU!

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