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Each to Their Own

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Recently, I posted about our Wednesday night class at The Painted Tree art store. Today, I'll show you what our Monday night artists are up to. They are a lively bunch of fun-loving people and they are learning a lot... in many ways.

We all learn in different ways

Some learn by figuring out how another artist interpreted an image like our artist above. She is trying out watercolour pencils for the first time.

Some learn by applying their own interpretation to another artist's image, like our artist below. I think this picture has a true Canadian feel to it.

This same artist is now taking a big step and is going to illustrate her own photograph taken at Cobourg's west beach. She is very brave and I know that she will do well.

The artist below has had a lot of personal exposure to famous pieces of art around the world. It certainly has influenced his style. He has a deep understanding of what makes a painting one that you would want to look at again and again.

And finally, two paintings completed by a young lady who is very new to watercolour painting. I loved her choice of reference image because it opened up lots of room for experimenting with various techniques. She took her time and did an excellent job.

I think it is so important to paint what you like to paint. After finishing the above painting, this artist found a Canadian painter's work that she loved. Again, so much learning to be had in this painting: mixing colours, achieving smooth lines, figuring out the right tones. She is now challenging herself to try a larger painting using a reference photo from the same British Columbia artist. I am sure lots of learning will happen and it will look beautiful!

Next sessions of classes begin in April. Check out The Painted Tree's site for more details.

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