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Right Brain Drawing Workshop

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

People come to our workshops at The Painted Tree for various reasons. Today, one lady told me that she'd wanted to take a drawing class for 30 years! and to day was the day. (she sketched the tree below) Another was a grade 7 student who felt she wasn't being taught skills in her art times at school. (she sketched the cat) Another wanted to get good at drawing butterflies so she could eventually paint them. (below is the beginning of her butterfly) Another wanted to improve his skills so he could incorporate wood burning in his wooden spoon creations. (he took on the challenge of the bearded man)

They were all happy with what they learned.

Today's workshop was a delight to teach. Our artists ranged in age from a grade 7 student to a senior citizen.

After completing a few 'right brain' worksheets and drawing their own footwear, artists get to choose photos to draw from from a wide range of subject matter. The artist below chose to stretch herself and draw part of an automobile. Her grand-daughter chose the photo.

Drawing your own footwear can be intimidating. This grade eight student did a fine job. He did a great job of sketching the shadows too.

And, finally, the artist below had no intention of joining the class. She just came to sit as a bystander and keep her son company. I think she is glad she decided to join when a spot opened up for her.

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