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Art Show - Wednesday Night Class

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Everyone comes to art classes for different reasons. This artist wants to explore using watercolours in her beautiful designs.

The artist below wanted to be able to draw with a bold and confident hand.

She had done some very technical and detailed sketches in the past but wanted something new. I think she came very close to achieving her goal. I absolutely love the moodiness that she captured here.

A spot opened up in our class this week. This new-to-us artist will be adding some boldness to our group. Love the wet-on-wet background. She's not finished the little chipmunk, but I have no doubt it will look alive when she's done.

It's wonderful when an artist takes a leap and tries something new. This artist is trying her hand at design. She used her photograph of chickens and combined it with her photo of a blanket to create these chickens on a blanket. Not as easy as it sounds. Coming along nicely.

Still on the animal theme, here are two of three sheep (named after three women in the class..... that's me on the right.... can you see the resemblance?) This artist, who usually paints in a photo-realistic style has gone wild and crazy. Absolutely love the attitudes of the sheep that she's captured.

Don't you love the charm that exudes from this artist's work? She uses other people's photos as reference and the more complicated the image, the more she likes it.

The artist below wanted to try a new medium. She was almost ready to give up, when we told her that the paper she was using was 65% of great. We've convinced her to use a better paper and I can't wait to see what she does with it next week.

First watercolour for this artist. She has an innate sense of what to do with the medium. I'm looking forward to seeing her style evolve. It will be beautiful.

If you are looking for a dog portrait, I am quite sure this artist would create something you will be proud to own. She has become very proficient in chalk-pastels in the past year. Look at that eye!

Our Wednesday evening "watercolour class" has evolved into being a watercolour, graphite and chalk-pastel class. We all learn from each other and cheer each other on. This artist has only been making art for a year now. She's produced some remarkable art in that time.

And, finally..... this is a painting.

You are drooling.

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