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Workshop Challenges Overcome

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Teaching acrylic artists to paint in watercolours is something I have not had a lot of experience with. Watercolour painting requires a different process from acrylics.

* You usually go from light to dark with watercolours - acrylics... whatever?

* You can paint 'wet on wet' (paper wet, paint wet) and get wonderful, airy results in watercolours.... not so much in acrylics

* Brush strokes are even different

* Your paper is your white..... no white paint. (Well, there is white watercolour, but you can't use it like you would with acrylics.

Good example of paying attention to the darkness and lightness of the trees. She just had to use black paint that was more watery for the trees in the background so more of the paper would shine through to make them look lighter.

This artist below did a fine job of saving the white of the paper for the light area. Remember, your paper is you're white.

There were 11 artists at the workshop, all doing great work. The artist below struggled at first. I think she ended with a great painting. I feel like I am in the woods when looking at it. And, isn't that what you would want as an artist? To make the viewer feel like they are there?

In reflecting on the use of Steve Ellaway's photo, I think it really helped our artist to overcome the challenges that they faced using watercolours. It gave them a manageable subject.

Well done, ladies!!!

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